We're a little over excited about holidays in our office. Every year the office of doctors at Poole and Willis Orthodontics throw a Halloween bash with delicious food, homemade root beer, games, contests, and a fun photo booth! Alisha, Meagan, Trina, and Destiny enjoyed getting dressed up for a quick silly photo! 

We're hoping you have a safe, joyful Halloween and visit us to clean up after all your candy!

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Here at Dr. Porter's office we offer Invisalign service to our patients. Not only does this create a flawless smile but it will make you have better dental health overall. Having straight teeth will make cleaning those hard to reach places much easier, greatly reducing the decay rate. 

Some patients believe that orthodontic treatment is only for the younger generation but  through advances in technology, Invisalign offers an opportunity for people of all ages to achieve that smile they have always wanted without the hassel of those wires and metal brackets. Invisaligns clear tray treatments provide discrete  care, and the ease of removing to enjoy your favorite meal. 

We would be happy to schedule anyone interested for a consult and to receive additional information about this awesome service! You wont regret it. 


Pay-it-Forward Holiday Cheer

We've always known we have the best patients; they are some of the most amiable, generous, thoughtful, and wonderful people Cache Valley holds. Witnessing their acts of kindness inspired us to pay our community forward during the 2015 holiday season for such a successful, amazing year. 

As a a proud member of the Rotary Club of Cache Valley Morning, Dr. Porter was moved by their annual holiday tradition of giving a Christmas celebration to families in need here in our community. We teamed up with the members of CVM Rotary to help give these families a holiday they would never forget. 

Starting November 6th, 2015, we began taking donations to give these children what they needed to make the season bright, be it warm clothing, something new to enjoy, or a few items to bring to school. With our donation total, we were able to donate gifts for twelve children!  After all donations had been collected, our staff set out to hand pick these gifts. Three families received much needed winter clothing, engaging and developmental toys, and wonderful holiday memories because of our patients' generosity and patronage. 

It truly was an experience to remember. Seeing the children's faces light up with delight and the gratitude expressed was stunning; we're proud to have made our beautiful Valley a little more joyful, just a little more compassionate.  

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." -Scott Adams

A special thank you to our incredible patients; you help us live our passion every day. We're proud to be given the opportunity to help our community stay happy, healthy, and beautiful! We are so grateful for a fantastic year in 2015 and look forward to an even better 2016!