Meagan is a country girl, through and through. Not only does she love the bright, crisp Utah outdoors, she loves being active with sports, and heading to the range to shoot. She's originally from Bluffdale, Utah and moved to the beautiful Cache Valley with her family three years ago and has loved every minute of living here. 

She's always had a passion for dentistry; she remembers wanting to grow up and be just like the kind dental assistants that made young visits to the dentist so much fun. We've loved having her in our office as she was completing her extern hours and wanted to keep her bubbly, kind personality to ourselves. She appreciates the teamwork and cohesive the rest of the staff at Dr. Porter's office is and how they all work so hard toward the common goal of superior patient care and comfort. Her favorite procedures to assist with are the dental surgeries because they are both challenging and fascinating.